Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Re-Calculating Irony

Photo: Grant Hart 1988
85 Days till showtime... 8 and 5... My 2 Magic Numbers...
As the countdown of weeks preceding the show began... I found a correlation between where I was last year at this time... Feb 4 2008 I put up a post titled 8 magic weeks... which were the weeks preceding the possibility of an interview for a grant I was working on.... Reality set in and some much heavier issues took the stage in place of that... Ironically, I discovered that 8 weeks from Feb 4 2009 marked the date my new show was to be ready and open to the public... Of coarse in keeping with the universal flow of change... even that changed before I could write this episode of Jane on Ice... skating fearlessly... most of the time... into the future. The show opening has now changed to May first... on account of Alex who will be running a show across the hall simultaneously... has in fact fallen on the ice while visiting the art shanty projects on Medicine lake and fractured his shoulder blade... Ouch!!
So today I am doing what I do every day... Moving things I made to make room for more stuff I need to make. In the department of worry... I had a great dream the other night where a dear friend of mine smiled and touched my hand saying lets take a look at where you are at... leaving me with a feeling of more fun and excitement than I can remember since I was a kid... All of the heaviness of life just disappeared for a moment... inspiring me to keep on with what I am doing and trust it is exactly where I should be today. As far as I can see... 8 magic weeks has become a lifetime of magic moments.

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