Sunday, March 22, 2009

Checking My List and Checking it Twice

Down to about 5 working weeks before installation...
Estimated working time... 350 to 400 hours...
That's just the physical labor... The Mental energy is running non-stop.
If it's not done by then... It's going in the next show :-)
The Mere fact that I had the audacity to say I would do a solo show in a 4600 sq ft gallery at a time in my life that I had just lost my job, with absolutely no work ready to show... And my son to take care of was a pretty big leap of faith. I am endlessly entertained by the angelic days where things I need for the show simply appear in my life in ways I could never predict. It is the same spirit that carried me through nearly 25 extremely difficult years knowing one day I would be doing this work again. Most of those years there was never the slightest shred of evidence to support it. It is our inner voice that guides us... In ways no one else could begin to imagine for us where our lives might lead.


:) said...

I'm pleased and excited for you. And glad for people who don't give up the faith. :)

Jennifer said...

MJ- I'm so used to seeing you on facebook that I keep forgetting to check here!!!

I can't wait to read about it all... wish I could be there. I may have to send a spy. :)

Miss Jane Mansfield said...

Thanks ladies!!
I'm weening away from facebook until after my show goes up... Kind of back to the basics :-)
Sending Spies is highly encouraged!!
xoxox MJ