Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Artist/Mad Scientist...

Behind the scenes images for the creation of...
"Blue Moon" ...a surrealist dream landscape with a mad scientist twist where water and electricity flow freely. Blue moon features Circus Manduhai performer Chimgee with water music composed and performed by
Grant Hart & Paul Metzger.
May 1st
7 to 10pm
Blue Moon @ 8:30
811 LaSalle
Minneapolis, MN
You be the judge... The Experimental Phase has begun!!
The fun part about inventory is that I get to take my toys out and play :-)
Not every light I pour water over needs to blow up... as a matter of fact I am creating a fountain for the set of the opening night performance that will allow water to rain over the top of it just for the pure beauty of it... I am experimenting by testing it out in the shower!!
Do not try this at home... It is my gift, and like a Magician there are things I know that allow me to carry out my work safely...
without ruining the illusion for you.
and what is the illusion... Well, for today let's just say owning your own fears and allowing the true beauty of life to be present in each moment.

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