Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Sunken Ship

This is part of the first the water scene that will be in a 100 gallon Galvanized Metal Water Trough. An anchor with a chain for a rope laced in beautiful multicolor lights will illuminate the ocean floor. Oceans, sailing ships, sunken ships the deep Dark Sea... all re-occurring themes in my poetry and drawings...
This is a poem I posted a couple of years ago... I think the second or third day after I created this online journal...

Trouble Over The Ocean
Falling to the bottom of the deep dark sea
Not a breath left
Lying motionless
At what point do you think the spirit disconnects
To observe
Do you suppose spirits walk the ocean floors
Ghosts of the dead sea
Waiting for their motionless bodies
To breathe a breath once more
To rise victoriously and swim
Swiftly to the surface
Waving frantically to passing sailors
Save me!! Please!! Save me!!
When in reality only they can save themselves
Following the portal of light
Shining from the cabin of a sunken ship
Take a seat next to the pirate bones
Break a bottle of champaign on the bow of your sunken treasure
As you transport through a portal of light to a higher dimension

Trouble Under the Ocean probably would have been a bit more accurate for a title... This is just one of the hundreds of of references I find in my work contemplating our connection to the vast influence and power of water in our lives.

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