Thursday, April 08, 2010

Adopt • A • Flower

The seeds are planted !! You can be a part of Tornado Sky: Sunrise !! Soon you will be able to adopt a flower and dedicate it to your wildest dreams.

My work is primarily concerned with the flow of energy in life. For about the past 5 years the sculptures that I have been creating deal with processing grief. Channeling the flow of energy in life through the events of loss into rejuvenation.... despair into hope & acceptance. Opening up to an understanding of the cycle of life and believing in a bright future against all odds.

Your flower can be planted in the butterfly garden of Tornado Sky: Sunrise... or you can bring it home and plant it yourself. Either way you will be participating in the creation of this Electric Water Garden installation... A beautiful retreat from your day to day life where you can sit for a while and contemplate the pieces of your life falling into the universal flow of life that surrounds us and takes us along for the ride!!

It is the universal experience we have collectively as people that I am interested in finding in my work. Opening up the opportunity for you to share in and be a part of bringing it to life is a very exciting dynamic of the work for me.
Watch for updates in May...


Jennifer said...

Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer —
I thought you might like this:-)